Are you available to perform for my event?
When inquiring about my services and availability, please include the following information:

• Type of event (wedding, party, corporate event, etc.)
• Date of the event
• Start and end time of the event
• Event venue
• Whether the venue is indoors or outdoors
• Whether you are inquiring about solo harp, or harp with another

Can you perform outdoors?
Yes, provided the following conditions:

• A dry, hard, flat surface (no grass, dirt, sand, gravel, unpaved
surface, etc.)
• A shaded, waterproof covering to provide protection from the
elements (no mist, drizzle, direct sun, strong winds)
• A suitable back-up location in case of inclement weather
• Enough space for the harp, the bench, and the music stand
(approximately 4’x 4’)
• Easy access (generally, a handicap-accessible route)

Can you perform with other musicians?
Yes; I have and can perform with a variety of other instrumental combinations including flute, violin, cello, or even another harp!

Do you accept special requests?
Absolutely! If the piece is not in my repertoire, I will look for the music and see if it can be suitably played on the harp. Occasionally there is an additional fee for the purchase and transcription of music.

Do you take breaks?
I do not take breaks during wedding ceremonies or events that are an hour or less. For performances longer than one hour, I will take a brief break each hour.

How do I book you?
Once we have discussed the details, I will send you a contract, which you will then sign and return to me. I also require a 50%, non-refundable deposit, with the remainder of the balance due two weeks prior to the event. Please note that your event is not considered booked until I have received both the deposit and a copy of the signed contract.