"Brava on the harp!" -- Renée Fleming

• Anna and her musicians were fabulous. They made our ceremony a
dream come true. The guests said it was like a fairy tale. Thank you
so much for making our day perfect.

• You did such a wonderful job Saturday. You played beautifully and
looked beautiful as well. Thank you for adding such elegance to our

• Your performances were top notch... If only the world had more
people in it like you!

• Thank you from the both of us on a beautiful job at our ceremony.
We got a lot of compliments on your playing and for giving the
ceremony just the right feel with the harp music.

• Anna helped make our wedding day exceptionally beautiful. Her
musical talent is outstanding, and she even played a special song for
us that she didn't have in her repertoire before. She responded
promptly to all of our emails and phone calls and even worked with
our soloist for the bride's entrance song. We are extremely pleased
with Anna's work and would happily work with her again!

• Anastasia (who goes by Anna) was excellent. She is incredibly
talented and super nice. She plays beautifully and even learned a
Jewish melody for me that I wanted to incorporate into the ceremony.
I very highly recommend her.

• Anna was incredible. The harp music alone was amazing...such a
beautiful part of the ceremony, but she was also very helpful in the
planning process, and very flexible with song options. I would highly
recommend Anna to everyone looking for ceremony music.

• I just want to thank you so very much for your excellent performance
at the [wedding] this past Saturday. You were totally awesome. The
guests and even the employees of the church spoke about how
beautiful the music was and what a welcomed difference it was to
hear the harp. Celeste and Victor were very, very pleased with your
performance. Also, I must add that your appearance in the pulpit
added so much to the ambiance of the event. You looked as
professional as you played. Lastly, I want to add how much I
appreciated your cooperative demeanor. Even though there were last
minute changes, you just flowed with it .... Being a
coordinator/consultant, not all weddings are as pleasurable as the
one on Saturday. But whenever I do take on another event, I will
highly recommend you. I would welcome the opportunity to work with
you again!


*As a working adult performer seeking intermittent skill re-honing & advancement, I can tell you that it can be difficult to find a good teacher. I recently studied with Dr. Pike and I highly recommend her without reservation. Her combination of artistic skill, technical acuity, interpretational depth, interpersonal acumen, supportive, encouraging teaching style, combined with a refreshing frankness about the business and performance experiences – all these qualities make her an exemplary teacher. – Kara Dahl Russell Actress/Singer/Harpist/Classical Radio Host WSCL 89.5

• Anna Pike has been my harp teacher for the past [few] years. She has
been an outstanding instructor for me. Her dedication to perfecting
the art of playing as well as her patience with my steady progression
is admirable.

Anna is not only a beautiful person on the inside and out, but she is
able to showcase this beauty in her playing. She often tells me that
an important part of the aesthetic appeal of the harp is the way it is
played through the movements of the harpist. Watching her play,
one can tell that she is very attune to this notion and her experience
with the instrument gives her significant grace.

Having taught high school for seve[ral] years, I can confidently say
that, as far as teachers go, Anna is the best you can find. She paces
well by keeping me engaged and challenged, but not feeling
overwhelmed. She is exceptional at selecting music at the
appropriate level for me. Because of Anna, my confidence level with
this instrument has increased. I know have great courage and
interest in continuing my study with this instrument and pursuing
greater abilities as a musician.

Anna has made a profound impact on my life and the lives of all her
students, I am sure.

• I met Anna when I was 6 years old as a piano student, and she
taught me how to play for the following 6 years. Since then, we have
maintained a friendship that I cherish today.

At the young age of 12, Anna was an inspiring teacher who was
undoubtedly also a master of her own musical skills. She was very
confident with her teaching methods, and I learned very quickly under
her instruction. Always teaching with dedication, she instilled a great
deal of work ethic and musical knowledge in me. Anna always
displayed every indication of wanting to be at the piano, teaching
what she loved.

For 6 years, I benefited immensely not only from her wonderful
teaching but also her spirited personality. Often after our lessons,
she would take the time to share her musical and life experiences, or
find out what was going on in my life. Anna opened up a sense of
her personality that was probably the most enjoyable aspect of
learning with her. Today, she is an internationally accomplished
concert harpist and pianist, but she is still the same humble and
sweet person that she was many years ago. She was someone that I
always have and will admire.

• [Anna] is a creative teacher who inspires students to excel. Anna is a
fine teaching model. She has keen knowledge of current music
education practices and philosophy. To her credit, she has a
personal philosophy that is consistent with her perspectives of music
and teaching. Her ability to decipher the essence of what constitutes
the teaching for and learning of critical thinking skills in music sets
her apart from many teachers.